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"Dear Salvatore, I would like to thank you for our three sessions. After my two bicycle accidents, I didn't feel so confident to ride my bike as before. With our three sessions, I feel I'm in control again and my confidence is back. Thank you again"



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A phobia can stop you from trying new things, travelling somewhere exotic or even experiencing different ways of living. A phobia can make you feel stuck and powerless, and bring about thoughts of worthlessness and even depression for not letting you enjoy certain situations.


What are phobias?

Phobias are fears which have been magnified beyond rational proportions by your mind. You may have a phobia of flying, driving, using public transports, or being in a narrow space or maybe in a large environment like a square. Or you may have a more specific phobia of an object such as buttons, needles, and blades. Or are you terrified by spiders, pets, or insects and animals in general? When you are exposed to your phobia, you might be feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety and sometimes even panic attacks. Though, rationally you might even know that the object of your phobias poses no real and immediate threat to you.


How phobias develop?

There is much debate in the scientific community around this issue. In fact, it is not clear yet how phobias develop. Some of the possibilities are that phobias are “learned” by unconsciously imitating others when they overreact to certain situations or to the presence of specific objects. Another possibility is that phobias may be the product of intensive stress that gets displaced over something more tangible and easier to avoid, such as common objects, places, and situations.


How can hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy can help you review your phobias from your own standpoint and overcome them by the use of your own mental resources. If a phobia stops you from making experience of more enjoyable situations, hypnotherapy can help you find the courage within yourself and face them as never before.


What’s your first step then?

You might want to give me a call now or send me an email briefly outlining your phobia. I’m an open-minded and non-judgemental person. I value people’s experiences and I believe that every one of us has their unique challenges. Just one call now could open up a whole new life for you.


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