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"Salvatore, I would like to thank you as since I have started the hypnotherapy sessions with you, I have been experiencing more a sense of well being. As if something has shifted inside myself.

Not only this has contributed to an overall improvement of my health, but of my self esteem; I feel more in control of my eating habits which has resulted in losing some weight and achieve a more positive outlook of life."



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You may want to lose weight to feel more confident in your body, in public or in front of the mirror in your bedroom. Or you may want to lose weight to feel fitter and avoid consequences related to being overweight, such as lack of breath, heart dysfunctions, cholesterol, joint deficiencies, and so on...


Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

Although there are a thousand and one diets available out there, weight loss remains a major concern overall for those that have tried diets before, with little or no success. You might feel that your will power is just not strong enough to keep you away from fatty food, continuous binging or maybe big portions. In your subconscious mind there might be a stronger will that holds you back from changing your habits and getting what you think is best for you.


Your unconscious can sabotage weight loss

At some point of your life, maybe even without realising it, you started engaging with this detrimental behaviour of unhealthy eating. It doesn't matter whether you were still a very young child or you were already an adult. For some reason or another, your subconscious mind must have decided that unhealthy eating was a way to protect your from emotional distress. From then on, your unconscious mind kept you on automatic pilot and you have had little or no control over your body weight, sabotaging any attempt to stay on a diet and lose weight.


How can you lose weight with hypnotherapy?

Well, I guess it's just about the time to face whatever is at the root of your being overweight and challenge your unhealthy habit and lose weight. Hypnotherapy is shown to be very effective in helping people dealing with weight loss. Hypnotherapy can help you develop a new attitude towards food by exploring new healthy ways to engage in weight loss.


My approach to weight loss

Before meeting, I may want to find out more about your wishes and your will to lose weight. I am aware of the unique relationship every person can have with food, so I work according to your personal requirements and guide you (and your subconscious mind) through healthy ways to lose weight. I don't promote fast, faddy, or restrictive diets that often turn out to be detrimental to your health, if succeeding at all. I will help you take back control over your behaviours and re-establish a healthy lifestyle that can stay with you long-term, as well as your achieved ideal weight.


What's your next step to lose weight?

Give me a call now or email me. You may want to talk it further and book a free consultation session with no obligation to go any further. I'm an open-minded and non-judgemental person and you're more than welcome to come and see me.


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